Episode 16: Fatherhood

by | Aug 1, 2019

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Both Scott and Anthony talk about their fathers that are not among us anymore. Both offer their perspective of how their father shaped their lives in different ways and how Anthony has taken on the challenges of being a father with his son and what is at stake when you invest in your children as a father.

How much you interacted with your father could have a major result on how you live your life going forward, you could have confidence that you have someone in your corner or you could always be wondering if you’re doing the right thing.


Boys will be boys: A 10 year boy performs heartwarming routine for a blind deer every day.


Episode 16: Fatherhood

Romantic relationships are in full failure mode these days. Almost everybody, except for me, is divorced. On a personal note, I really can’t think of any of my male friends, except for one, that isn’t divorced and at the time of writing this, he’s engaged and I truly hope that his marriage lasts him until he dies.

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