Episode 66: Mentorship with Hugh Vail

by | Jul 16, 2020

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We got Hugh back for another episode! This time we’re talking about the need to have a mentor, why it’s important to save you time and how to go about finding one. Hugh discusses his failures and successes and how having a mentor brought about those conclusions versus not having one. He also talks about how it’s important to be coachable and to be willing to do the really hard work to create the opportunity to get the mentor that you need to move forward. Without a mentor you are left to experimentation, which is a valid way to figure things out but it takes so much longer.

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Some great tid-bits from this podcast:
Great pre-meditation question from Hugh,

“What should I be doing that I currently am not?”

The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr
Dumbing Us Down by Taylor Gott
Sitting Bull by Eric LaPoint
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