About The Orion Way

Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations in the winter night’s sky.  Known as Orion the Hunter there are many stories about him as being the best hunter in the world in ancient times.

Orion was considered a demigod, thought by most to be the son of Poseidon and the Gorgon, Euryale. He believed that there wasn’t an animal on the planet that he couldn’t hunt down. Which leads us to why we chose Orion to represent what it is we do here at The Orion Way and the movement that we are creating.

Orion found his true passion and life and didn’t apologize for it either. He focused his effort and energy into becoming the best at what he did and he did it so well even when others were against him in his efforts. Men today so often get derailed from going after their passions because of what other people think, or to seek approval from the people in their life, when really, those people and circumstances have nothing to do with the true desire and passion in your heart and what you gifts and skill sets are pushing you to do in this world. Orion is a reminder that you can and should pursue what you innately want to do with your life for no other reason than your sense of self-worth.

Orion also had his flaws, and we point these out to show that nobody is perfect, but more importantly, you can learn from his flaws and mistakes which led him to be killed and then placed as a constellation in the sky. One of the most derailing elements of his lore had to do with women and how he behaved with them.  Despite perfecting every trick and skill known in the hunting world, he had very little skills when it came to dealing with women in his life. One story, out of the many, was that he was slain with an arrow through his heart by the goddess Diana while she was out on a hunt in the same woods as the famous hunter. When he saw her, he, of course, fell immediately in love with her (after all, she was a goddess). He didn’t know what to do as she went further away from her, so he hunted her down. Diana had no idea who this man was, only that he was relentless in his pursuit, so when she reached a point that she had had enough of running from him, she turned around and let loose her arrow. When she inspected his body, she felt awful for having slain the greatest hunter, (she was the goddess of the hunt) and so she made him a constellation in the sky.

This is a cautionary tale to the men in this fellowship as well as a lesson in personal awareness. At The Orion Way, we want to guide men towards following their passions and living a fully authentic life without shame or apology, but we also want to offer guidance on how to do this in a way that draws attraction from a worthy partner in your life.

We’ve created this safe space for men to thrive and get an understanding about themselves and realize that there is nothing wrong with being the man you were born into being. Join us in this journey and you’ll reap the rewards of reclaiming your masculine energy and becoming the man you were meant to be by following The Orion Way.

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