The Integrated Man are the compilations of a series of conversations on setting your own course as a man and creating your own set of values. The theme revolves around living passionately and living to the fullest on your own terms. Living not to meet others’ wishes but to fulfill your destiny.

I dabble in user experience in my day job, but what keeps me going beyond my job, (and also keeps me awake at night sometimes) are these crucial conversations that I have with the men in my support group. The blogs and the writings on this site are influenced by of some amazing conversations that I’ve had during these many meetings.

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I include a lot of wisdom written or created by others in my posts. I make every effort to attribute the creations to the original author. If you are a creator, and a copyright holder of an excerpt posted on this website, feel I have violated or infringed on your copyright in any way, do reach out and let me know. I will take the necessary steps to rectify this situation, including but not limited to the proper edits and correct attributions.



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