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Deep meaningful work and Mastery

I am working on doing deep meaningful work.
I do a lot of task-related work, which allows me to complete checklists, but even though I would have completed a lot of small tasks at the end of the day, it does not feel satisfying.
I am looking into ways that I can get more meaning out of the way I do things.
That end of the day, I feel accomplished, having done something that adds value to my life and that of others.



Design and typography

I have always been a fan of good typography. For each project I do, I try to do my research to see if I can make the words more relatable. I once read, I think it was A List Apart website that web design is 95% typography, and I have come to believe that. So, I try to pay special attention to typography. So, if you find certain quirks on the website, i.e. you find some text is misbehaving on a particular device, do let me know and I will be happy to look into it.




As all my friends know, I am a big productivity nerd. I believe in getting things done in the best and most efficient way. One way is allowing other people to help you. The Orion Way project is an example of that. Every time we, the folks at The Orion Way meet, we talk about practicing what we preach. This project would not have been possible if each one of us tried to do it on our own.




I am well, a learner. As you would hear about in the podcast and articles. There is not an end to this journey, no arrival. Part of becoming a better person is a continuous thirst for learning, and I, just like the others on our team, am looking at ways to improve myself.
These days I am reading The Great Mental Models by Shane Parrish. Shane has been documenting mental models on his Farnam Street blog and he has finally decided to convert it into a multi-volume series of books. Thanks Shane.




Personal and professional.
In order to accomplish my goal of doing deep meaningful work, I have realized that I need to also make sure that I am holding myself accountable to myself and to others.
This does not mean, I have to do everything perfectly, but give it my best everyday, and then repeat it again.

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