Anthony LeRoy Lovato

Hello, my name is Anthony Lovato, and I’m a badass. That’s not something I would have felt comfortable saying five years ago. My, how times have changed.


I was raised by a single mother who had me when she was fifteen. She divorced my father when I was three. Growing up, I only saw my father twice a year–on my birthday and at Christmas. If it weren’t for my uncles, I wouldn’t have had any real male role models. My sense of abandonment molded me into my mother’s angel child, never causing any problems, never giving her a reason to want to leave me like my father had. I grew up living with that paradigm.


With hindsight, I knew from about age twelve that my true calling in life was acting. The problem was that it took a spot on the back burner, like most of my wants and needs. Being an over-pleaser might have served me as a young child for the purpose of survival, but as I grew up, it certainly didn’t help me feel fulfilled. I dabbled in acting for about twenty-five years, but mostly made a living working jobs that didn’t light my fire. I had to make a shift. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t a quick fix. Five years ago I made the decision to be a professional actor, making a living following my passion, and I am so much happier for it. Being true to yourself takes discipline, determination, and the right kind of support.


For over thirty years I’ve been fascinated with human psychology and relationships. I’ve considered myself somewhat of a matchmaker. The problem was that I wasn’t very good at matching for myself very well. I learned a lot about myself and about how men in general tend to give up their masculine energy to be in a relationship. I’ve seen firsthand how that doesn’t make for a lasting relationship full of passion and respect. I learned many of these lessons the hard way, and some too-little-too-late to salvage my marriages, but at least I’ve grown from my experiences. I’m eager to pass my learning on so others can initiate positive change in their lives and live more fully self expressed.


I’m part of The Orion Fellowship team so I can offer other men support to overcome obstacles like the ones I faced. I want to guide you towards a life that you only dreamed about having, provide you with more confidence in yourself, and offer a whole new way of being your authentic self in everyday life and your relationships.


I welcome you to the Orion Way. I’m glad you decided to take on this challenge of reclaiming your life and living in the fullest and most rewarding way possible. If these past five years of my life have been any indication as to what awaits you, buckle up and enjoy the ride. This is the best my life has ever been, and it’s only getting better every day day, because now I’m living it for me, on my terms. I can’t tell you how big that is. My hope is that you get to experience that for yourself by joining this program. Here’s to the new you and the exciting things to come.

May Update

The month of May is chalk full of projects that I’m working on here is a list:

  • Recording and editing episodes for The Orion Way of Life Podcast.
  • Recording and producing my 10th audiobook that will be launched on Audible, Amazon and iTunes in July titled Chicago 1871: A Science Fiction Thriller by James E. Merl
  • Working on my 8th draft of a full length screenplay that has a staring role for me in it.
  • Writing my first One Man Show titled – The Nice Guy
  • Setting up my first seminar called, “Don’t Be A Wuss” about how to find your true voice to get your needs and wants met.  Comment below if you’re interested in attending.

That’s a lot to take on, and I hopefully will be up for the challenge. I’ll check in to let you know where things shake out in the next entry.

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