Living the Integrated Man’s Way

Values to live by.

Code and Values

The integrated man life is a life lived by a certain set of codes and values. The integrity comes from following this code and holding yourself accountable to these values. Even though we advocate that people choose their own path, the empowerment lies in having a code that respects other people’s code and their values.

Hence, a large part of the following of the Way of the Integrated man is to establish a set of core values that you will hold yourself accountable for. There might be occasions where these values may be compromised, perhaps under extreme stress, duress or by manipulation. Don’t beat yourself up. You can get up and know that your boundaries have been violated and they have been compromised. You can then set up an action plan to improve ways to uphold those values.

These values provides a baseline for decision-making, but an integrated man reflects on them time to time and reviews them as new information becomes available. There is no shame in changing your mind and revising your code.

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