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An important aspect of embarking on the journey to becoming an integrated man is continuous learning. It requires embracing the humility that you don’t know it all, but you are willing to learn and open to new ideas. I recommend reading a whole lot of varied topics and opinions and you would see from my waiting list. This will allow you to grow and form your own opinions and values over time. You will learn what you value most. In time having your own set of values that you hold will start defining your life in amazing ways.

  • cover of Dating Essentials for Men book

    Dating Essentials for Men

    Author:Robert Glover

    Dr. Robert Glover is at it again. After the groundbreaking success of No More Mr. Nice Guy on the “Nice Guy Syndrome,” Dr. Glover takes the topic of dating heads on. He has seen countless examples of the struggles Nice Guys face when it comes to dating and relationships. In this book, he takes a no-nonsense approach and along the way busts some of the myths and self-limiting beliefs that Nice Guys develop.

    From his Amazon page. “Dating Essentials for Men, by Dr. Robert Glover, the author of the groundbreaking, No More Mr. Nice Guy, is the “un-pickup” guide to dating success.

    Are you ready to let go of the games, the tricks, the seduction, the pickup, the negs, the cocky-funny routines, the buying women drinks, the volunteering to help their sister move? Do you want to learn how to create the kind of authentic attraction that naturally brings women to you? If so, Dating Essentials for Men is the only dating guide you will ever need.”

    Get the book here.

  • cover of No More Mr. Nice Guy book

    No More Mr. Nice Guy

    Author:Robert Glover

    Robert Glover says, “Nice Guys are dependent on external validation and avoid conflict like the plague.” According to Glover, Nice Guys are anything but nice. In his definitive work based on years of working with men and conducting men’s groups, Glover lays down the truth about where a lot of issues for men stem from. The faulty internalized belief system that If I am a good guy, then everyone will love me and like me (and people I desire will desire me). I would recommend this to every man and I have met a lot of women who have read the book and recommended it to their guy friends, partners and husbands. Highly recommended for everyone looking to live the way of an integrated man. Get in on Amazon here.

  • cover of The Power of Now book

    The Power of Now

    Author:Eckhart Tolle

    A large part of living the life of an integrated man is about living consciously. Accepting what is. A quintessential read for anyone looking to living a more conscious life. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle is a great introduction to anyone who is looking to delve into the Eastern philosophies with associations or a religious slant. The message is pure and simple, living in the now because that is all you have.

    Get it on Amazon here.

  • cover of Daring Greatly book

    Daring Greatly

    Author:Brene Brown

    If you are not aware of Brene Brown’s body of work then head over quickly to TED talks and watch her. You will be hard-pressed not to relate to what she has to say about shame, vulnerability, and self-acceptance. This is one of the most amazing books that have had a great impact on my life and you will see me quote from it time to time. She has written some great stuff before and after it, but if you read this one, I don’t think you’ll need to read her previous body of work. I believe this is a culmination of her previous books. So if you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and get it here.

  • cover of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book

    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

    Author:Mark Manson

    Mark Manson shares his worldly wisdom in this candidly written everyman book. This book is an extension of a blog he wrote in 2014 that became an instant hit. All his fans are grateful that he took the time to write this book. Contrary to the name, this book talks about values and responsibilities and is indeed an eye-opener and a great conversation starter. There’s no wonder it was featured in a number of bestsellers’ lists. I believe this is a great companion to No More Mr. Nice Guy and only solidifies the concept that seeking external validation makes you a slave of that validation.
    Get in on Amazon here.

  • cover of The Myth of Male Power book

    The Myth of Male Power

    Author:Warren Farrell

    Dr. Warren Farrell is a self-proclaimed feminist. Yet, after decades of working as a champion of women’s issues, he realized that we cannot achieve gender equality if we don’t address men’s issues at the same time. In his 90s classic, which still holds true today, he suggests that as a society to make progress we need to talk in terms of gender transition.

    Get it on Amazon here.

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