Stop Calling Other Men Simps and Cucks

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Empathy, Men's Issues, Responsibility, Self-respect, Values

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been chiselling away at an article on white knights and the behavior of white knighting. I’m not ready to publish it yet because it’s a complex dynamic that I think really deserves a deep dive. I believe that ‘white knighting’ is rooted in a case of identity crisis and an attempt to find personal value in the acquisition of approval from women. So many of us have encountered these guys and some of my friends have frankly fallen into the category of being a white knight. One dude that I know in my personal life throws himself in front of the proverbial bullets of women even when said bullets aren’t even flying. This shameless exercise in signalling virtue is a little sad a really hard to watch.

White Knights

One of the glaring contradictions in feminism is how we hear all about how tough women are and how little they need the protection of men yet we see the male counter-parts spring into action the second it seems as though women and especially feminism might need protecting. I frankly had to create some distance in my life from this previously mentioned dude. He would come after me and get angry at me even if I offered open criticism towards his ex-wife who has drug him through family court, left him broke and has made it difficult for him to have a close relationship with his own son. This is my frustration with the white knights, they even defend the women who have gutted their lives out and used them as doormats. I’d be lying if I said that those guys don’t frustrate me. Especially when I have tried to look out for them and try to get them to see the destructive and negative feedback loop that they keep repeating. It baffles and astounds me when they come after me while defending the women that have used them up and tossed them aside.

I’ve even gotten into online arguments with these white knight types. While part of me is frustrated with them, the other part of me feels sorry for them and then there’s that distant part of my life that totally relates. I was in the same boat once during which my own judgment was so clouded and distorted. I wasn’t able to tell friend from foe or hero from villain. I wasn’t even able to really see how distorted my own judgment was and how lost I was in my mental labyrinth. I was acting out of a sense of desperation during a time when I perceived zero amount of worth in myself. I just flat out didn’t respect myself and I didn’t have any semblance of an idea about what would change that for me.

Full disclosure, I was a cuck and a simp though I think mangina might be taking it a little bit too far. I’ve always had a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth about feminism thanks to my older sister who personally ensured that I knew, from a young age, that I was a monster because I was born as a male. But what I failed to realize, back then, was that my pursuit to rescue women and be a white knight would inevitably fail me. And what I really wished that I had known, starting at a young age and what I really wished someone had told me, is that finding purpose and identity in being a white knight was a recipe for disaster and that being a white knight was not the road to salvation from my crippling low self-esteem.

I see these guys out there, they believe the same lie that I once did. Even if they are hostile and critical of males and being male, I know that they aren’t right with themselves. They can’t be. They don’t show integrity and I just know for a fact that guys are never right with themselves if they don’t have integrity and I promise you that one day women will fail them. Feminism will not only fail them but feminism will one day turn on them and put them in the stockade. They will be hated and portrayed as villains even though they have made tireless efforts to pass the purity tests. One small mistake and the women who they thought were heroes will hate them. All of their previous efforts in being virtuous will be erased as though they never existed. Feminism will fail them like the social cult that it is. We need to be there for those guys. Even if they were assholes before they need to know that they can still have a place in our circles. Feminists won’t give them a shred of forgiveness which is why we have to.

Re-creating Unity and Brotherhood

So many men are lost, they are nomadic and we have to stop seeing each other as enemies. Instead of seeing these lost men as “one of them” I think that we should see them as one of us, they just don’t know it yet. If you’re concerned about the modern state of things with males then I’m asking you to take the higher road with those guys. Instead of calling them simps, cucks, manginas and losers, we need call them brothers. They are the lost boys just like many of us have been in the past.

Let me give an example here and why this even bothers me in the first place. Just this last week, before publishing this article, there was a story in the news about a woman who engaged in some extracurricular activities of a sexual with multiple other guys while she was in a committed relationship. She lied and told her boyfriend that she was assaulted and her boyfriend decided to take matters into his own hands and is now facing prison time because he actually killed one of these guys. I’m certainly troubled by the behavior and decisions that his girlfriend made but what really bothered me is how a lot of guys online in the men’s rights circles and especially the MGTOW community were calling this guy a simp and a cuck. His life is over because he swallowed lie after lie and I think it’s wrong to call him names.

If we look at these guys as simps, cucks and losers we’re less likely to reach them before they do something as equally stupid as this guy. We need to treat these guys like they are brothers but are lost. Tell them that you used to see it the same way, tell them that you don’t things personally from them and tell them that they are better than that.

Men group together well. We’re hard-wired that way. It’s part of what makes men great. Women just don’t band together that well. They are so mistrusting of each other in large groups and they are quick to lose their individuality. I really believe that brotherhood and community is one of those things that modern men have lost. Feminism has successfully disbanded men and I have to believe that on some level they realize that the best way to make us fail is to disband us and put us in a state of being nomadic. Make no mistake fellas, feminists want us to fail. When they put groups of females together it’s “empowerment” when males group together it’s “discrimination.” Enough.

We’ve got to work harder at being unified and supportive of each other. If we show them respect they are more likely to come around and find themselves. So please, help us out, help yourselves out and help out other males. Stop calling other men simps, cucks and manginas.

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