The Orion Way – Meetup Community

The Orion Way is committed to building Distinguished Men for whom the pursuit of excellence is the key to their identity. We welcome men from all walks of life and provide a safe space for men to start learning to be their authentic self and being comfortable with themselves.

These days men lack an identity. The purpose of The Orion Way is to help men discover and forge their true identities.Time and again people fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others’ lives and situation. The goal is to help men define their own identities based on own set of values and purpose. Identities that they have complete ownership of and they are not ashamed of. Identities that set them apart and distinguish them from others. These Distinguished Men own their identities and wear them with honor.

The community is about taking Full Responsibility for our lives instead of blaming others for our life situations. In addition to taking responsibility for their identities, the Distinguished Men of The Orion Way take action. This is what differentiates them. 

This work cannot do it alone. The community aims to provide a safe spaces for men (online and offline) to have difficult conversations without fear of judgment. Conversations that open up their minds to new possibilities.

We pledge to help, support, and encourage one another in our journey to become Distinguished Men.


If these are things you want in your life and aspire for, please join us!


Age Requirements

 Any adult male is welcome, regardless of relationship status, position in life, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. We strive to make our events safe and welcoming for all.


Membership Requirements

We advocate authenticity, and this is the first and important step towards it. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your request for membership is approved swiftly.

As part of the membership process we require that all members meet the following requirements:

• Have an appropriate Meetup profile picture

• Provide their name

• Pay the fee using the signup form.

Community Values and Guidelines

We adhere to the following values.

• Respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others
• Respect confidentiality.
• Honesty and integrity in dealing with all members of the community
• Accountability for personal behavior
• Live an authentic life.
• Pursuit of vulnerability through sharing of personal experiences.
• Being fully present.
• Discover your personal passion.
• Accept that everyone is on their own journey.
• Support others as they pursue an authentic life.
• Respect women, and it goes without saying respect everyone.
• Be an example to children.
• Honor your commitments.
• Strive to build a community spirit.
• Know our responsibilities to ourselves and to the community.

Members shall refrain from pursuing other members for the sole purpose of personal gain or personal agenda.

Members should refrain from manipulating members of the community or manipulating non-members for personal gain.

Members found in violation of the community values will be informed of their actions.

Members found in repeated violation of the community values will be asked to leave the community.

By choosing to attend the meetings, I agree to abide by the community values and guidelines.

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