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Episode 27: What is The Shit Test?

When your Ambassador meets the Ambassador of a potential partner, The Shit Test is what you come up against. Has a girl ever asked you if you think she looks fat in certain clothes, does she ask you if you think another girl is pretty? This is a Shit Test and many guys fail them, mainly because they don’t know the solution to these questions. Scott and Anthony talk about why they happen and what to do about them.

Episode 26: Masculine -vs- Feminine Energy w/ Katie Titi

There is a definite dynamic difference between men and women. Katie runs her own podcast about the feminine energy, The Feminine Ascendance Circle. We ask Katie many questions about the feminine energy and how it has evolved over time and has also shifted along with the masculine energy in this day and age.

Episode 25: The Distinguished Man

This is part 3 from what we started in Episode 23. Go back and listen to those episodes if you haven’t. In part 1 we talk about Toxic Masculinity and how it really should be called Boy Mentality
In part 2 we discussed Rights of Passage and how there isn’t established ROP to transition from boy to man.

Episode 24: Rites Of Passage

Different types of ROP have occurred throughout history, but they have since disappeared from society today. It is this missing ritual that has lead to the toxic boy mentality and hasn’t allowed men to grow up and claim their manhood in the world. Many men have expressed that they are still waiting for their Mancard to come in the mail, and it’s not going to until they go through a Rite of Passage on their own.

Episode 23: Masculinity Isn’t Toxic, Boy Mentality Is

Toxic Masculinity is a buzzword right now that is getting the wrong type of hype. Over all Masculinity is not toxic, it’s the mentality that goes on behind the actions that people shake their heads.

Episode 22: Getting in the Best Shape of Your Adult Life

Time spent working out never feels wasted. We talk about the demise of our fathers who yo-yo’d with their weight and what they did poorly with their health and how to learn from their mistakes.

Episode 21: How To Get Out Of A Bad Relationship

Anthony breaks down the steps that need to be taken in order to get out of a relationship that you no longer want to be a part of. The first step is knowing why you want out, and what is your end goal.

Episode 20: Gut and Brain Health Through Nutrition with Guest Expert Nic Hundley

This is an introduction to Nic Hundley, he will be a regular guest on our show to talk about nutrition and the effect that nutrition has not only on how you feel physically, but also how it affects your mental health.

Episode 19: Bad Relationships Are Not A Cure For Loneliness

We dive deeper in an article that Scott wrote on our website, and discuss why men (and women) do this. We incorporate how the MGTOW movement is men’s way of combating this idea. Anthony reveals the two main issues that men who take the red pill has to go through to come out the other side able to cope with staying away from women.

Episode 18: Ghosting and other bad endings in relationships

Ghosting is when someone just up and disappears in the relationship, where they don’t respond to your texts or phone calls and you wonder if they’re dead or fallen off the face of the planet.

Episode 17: MGTOW/INCEL

Anthony and Scott discuss what is a MGTOW and and INCEL and the similarities and differences. Men Going Their Own Way and Involuntary Celebate gets defined. We also discuss what is next or what the possible solution would be to make both of these situations more reasonable with the world today.

Episode 16: Fatherhood

Romantic relationships are in full failure mode these days. Almost everybody, except for me, is divorced. On a personal note, I really can’t think of any of my male friends, except for one, that isn’t divorced and at the time of writing this, he’s engaged and I truly hope that his marriage lasts him until he dies.

Episode 15: Brotherhood

Civilizations of ancient times had established the idea of a brotherhood to help keep the aggression, assertiveness and friendly competition in check with one another. It was used as a reason and way to push each other to be better than they were the previous day. It was a form of accountability that made men thrive and civilization as a whole. Scott and Anthony talk about brotherhood and the need to bring this lost establishment back to society today.

Episode 14: Facing Your Fears

There’s a lot of things that keep us in fear, fear of success, fear of failure or both. What you fear is for the most part, all in your head. How do you overcome these fears to go out in the world and have the life you want?
Scott and Anthony discuss these fears and others and how to go about facing them and that they aren’t as scary as we like to think they are.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: Red Flags In Relationships

There’s a difference between a “Red Flag” and a healthy flaw. Do you know how to recognize what the difference is? That is what we dive into on this podcast. Nobody is perfect, and seeking perfection is not going to get you into a solid relationship, but there should be a set criteria for what you will and will not accept in a relationship. Just remember, everyone is crazy, it’s what kind of crazy you’re willing live with.

Balancing your Passion and your Love Life w/ Bryan Anderson

Bryan Anderson is not only a musician and rapper in Broken Silence and Freemind Movement, he is also a Vegan and a married man. Anthony and Scott interview Bryan on how he balances those things together. Anthony also reveals some of the Pillars to a Great Relationship and how Bryan had figured out what works for him in a relationship and how he managed to find a wife that strengthens the Pillars rather than weaken them.

Music and the Impact It Has on Your Life w/ Special Guest – Bryan Anderson

Special musical guest Bryan Anderson from Broken Silence and Freemind Movement joins us on this podcast. We talk about the ambition and the hoops you have to jump through in order to follow your passion.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: Ghosting your friends for love

Have you been ghosted by your friends as soon as they get married? What causes this, and is it a good thing or a bad thing, and for how long. How do you go about bringing your friends back into the fold? We discuss giving up your man card for your spouse and what effect that can have on your marriage and personal life.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: Public Shootings

What is the cause for the increase of public shootings across the country? What are the signs of seeing this coming and how do we treat those boys in ways that might lead them to do something so awful. This week, we discuss the idea that men who can’t cry, shoot bullets. Some shoot bullets at themselves and some shoot bullets at others and touch on people who identify with being an INCEL, or involuntary celibate.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: Sexuality with Nicole Emma

Part 2 of our interview with Nicole Emma, a sex worker, and Tedx Salt Lake City speaker. Nicole shares her expertise and insights into sexuality and the taboos that get associated with sex. We talk further in depth about the things she talks about in her video and how they pertain to men in the world today and how they can get their needs met.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: Argue Naked with Nicole Emma

In this episode, we are graced with the presence of Tedx Salt Lake speaker, Nicole Emma where she gave a talk titled, “What a sex worker can teach us about human connection.”What a sex worker can teach us about human connection.”

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: The F word – Failure

Why is failure so emotionally charged? We discuss the reason we fear it and how to overcome it. There are examples of how failure has lead to success in all kinds of situations and that most successful people have an attitude of looking forward to failure so that they can learn and grow from that. Failure teaches more often than not.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: The Nice Guy Syndrome

Is being a nice guy a syndrome, is it a curse? Is it something that should be overcome? Scott talks about how he saw the need for more hands-on coaching and instruction about how to not be a Nice Guy through his therapy sessions and through his interaction on his Quora forums.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast “So You Wanna Get Married, Huh?”

Anthony and Scott talk about a booklet that Anthony penned called, “So You Wanna Get Married Huh?” (which you can get on the website btw) and get to the heart of why he felt it necessary to write it. Asking someone to marry you is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your entire life. This podcast talks about the reasons for doing it in the first place and what signs to look for before making that decision.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: The Sexless Marriage

Anthony and Scott get into a discussion about the sexless marriage. It’s becoming more and more common for couples to stop having sex in their relationships. We dive into why this occurs, how to identify the underlying reason for why sex is dropping off in activity in your relationship and what could be done about it.

The Orion Way Of Life: Who Are You?

Identity is an issue that most men have a hard time with based on their own personal wants and needs. Most times we do what we do based on what others expect of us rather than what we truly want for ourselves. In this episode, Anthony and Scott explore how to uncover your identity and what ways you can nurture it to greater expansion of your life and way of being.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: Welcome to the Fellowship

An intro episode where we learn a little about the host Anthony LeRoy Lovato and Licensed Therapist Scott Carter and what the Orion Way is all about.

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