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Episode 31: Stoicism

Is being stoic a good thing or a bad thing? Scott and Anthony get into it about elements of stoicism that can be effective in nearly all situations. The thing is, it has to be applied in the correct way. You can’t be passive aggressive and call it being stoic.

Episode 30: Be True To Yourself and The Mid-Life Crisis

In order to live your best life, you have to dig down and be true to what your values are. Know yourself and that which brings you joy. The second order of that is to trust yourself, trust in your abilities and skills. Often times a mid-life crisis will push is to evaluate what it is we’re doing with our life.

Episode 29: Autonomy with Martin Casaus

Professional wrestler, Marty “The Moth”, joins us to talk about autonomy. He is someone who is truly following his passion and found his autonomy as not only a pro wrestler, but also as an actor, health enthusiast, YouTuber, and Twitch Gamer. Check out his website at to see what he’s up to.

Episode 28: Nice Guy Blindness or Narcissism

What’s wrong with being a nice guy. Maybe you’ve been called a nice guy, but it didn’t mean anything to you in a negative sense. Do you frequently miss out on red flags until after you’re already committed? Do you find yourself pointing fingers at your significant other that all the problems are on her end? Nice guys tend to be blind to their own behaviors and the behaviors of others.

Episode 27: What is The Shit Test?

When your Ambassador meets the Ambassador of a potential partner, The Shit Test is what you come up against. Has a girl ever asked you if you think she looks fat in certain clothes, does she ask you if you think another girl is pretty? This is a Shit Test and many guys fail them, mainly because they don’t know the solution to these questions. Scott and Anthony talk about why they happen and what to do about them.

Episode 26: Masculine -vs- Feminine Energy w/ Katie Titi

There is a definite dynamic difference between men and women. Katie runs her own podcast about the feminine energy, The Feminine Ascendance Circle. We ask Katie many questions about the feminine energy and how it has evolved over time and has also shifted along with the masculine energy in this day and age.

Episode 25: The Distinguished Man

This is part 3 from what we started in Episode 23. Go back and listen to those episodes if you haven’t. In part 1 we talk about Toxic Masculinity and how it really should be called Boy Mentality
In part 2 we discussed Rights of Passage and how there isn’t established ROP to transition from boy to man.

Episode 24: Rites Of Passage

Different types of ROP have occurred throughout history, but they have since disappeared from society today. It is this missing ritual that has lead to the toxic boy mentality and hasn’t allowed men to grow up and claim their manhood in the world. Many men have expressed that they are still waiting for their Mancard to come in the mail, and it’s not going to until they go through a Rite of Passage on their own.

Episode 23: Masculinity Isn’t Toxic, Boy Mentality Is

Toxic Masculinity is a buzzword right now that is getting the wrong type of hype. Over all Masculinity is not toxic, it’s the mentality that goes on behind the actions that people shake their heads.

Episode 22: Getting in the Best Shape of Your Adult Life

Time spent working out never feels wasted. We talk about the demise of our fathers who yo-yo’d with their weight and what they did poorly with their health and how to learn from their mistakes.

Episode 21: How To Get Out Of A Bad Relationship

Anthony breaks down the steps that need to be taken in order to get out of a relationship that you no longer want to be a part of. The first step is knowing why you want out, and what is your end goal.

Episode 20: Gut and Brain Health Through Nutrition with Guest Expert Nic Hundley

This is an introduction to Nic Hundley, he will be a regular guest on our show to talk about nutrition and the effect that nutrition has not only on how you feel physically, but also how it affects your mental health.

Episode 19: Bad Relationships Are Not A Cure For Loneliness

We dive deeper in an article that Scott wrote on our website, and discuss why men (and women) do this. We incorporate how the MGTOW movement is men’s way of combating this idea. Anthony reveals the two main issues that men who take the red pill has to go through to come out the other side able to cope with staying away from women.

Episode 18: Ghosting and other bad endings in relationships

Ghosting is when someone just up and disappears in the relationship, where they don’t respond to your texts or phone calls and you wonder if they’re dead or fallen off the face of the planet.

Episode 17: MGTOW/INCEL

Anthony and Scott discuss what is a MGTOW and and INCEL and the similarities and differences. Men Going Their Own Way and Involuntary Celebate gets defined. We also discuss what is next or what the possible solution would be to make both of these situations more reasonable with the world today.

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