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EPISODE 54: Truths and Myths about ED with Dr. Kat

Special Guest Dr. Kat Lofley from Trilogy Medical Center joins us to talk about Erectile Dysfunction and helps us look into the mental and mechanical aspects and cures for this malady that has seemed to increase among men as of late.


Resilience – 1. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. 2. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Episode 52: Why Orion and the Warrior Archetype

One Year!!! We have posted a podcast every Thursday for a week about masculinity in the world today and have helped thousands of men understand more about themselves.

Episode 51: Raising Young Boys

Young boys are really struggling in this world of girl empowerment and they are being left in the dust with the way that society has revered boys in this day and age. From home life to school they are getting the short end of the stick and are not getting their needs and wants met emotionally and mentally.

Episode 50: Suffering In Silence

Some of the happiest looking people are often only showing you a mask on the outside. As men we have been conditioned to, “suck it up, be a man,” and many other phrases that come across as not masculine, so instead we keep it inside with no outlet and not able to realize that other men are probably also suffering from the same things we are.

Episode 49: What Is Leadership In These Troublesome Times

We recorded this mere hours after Utah got hit with the biggest earthquake in 27 years and during self-imposed Social Distancing. It’s important to realize that during these times, worry is not going to help. Panic is not going to solve the problem.

Episode 48: Don’t Be A Consumer Whore, Be A Creator

We live in a consumer culture, where most people spend time only consuming (taking) rather than creating. It’s almost like a disease that we only consume. Much of the time men hold themselves back because of fear of not being good enough at creating art, writings, films, music, etc.

Episode 47: Power Distance and Confidence

Ever wondered how to build confidence? Have you experienced a significant power distance between you and your boss or someone of importance in your realm of existence?

Episode 46: The Control Freak

Ever find yourself wanting to control every little thing that goes on in your life? Do you sense that you are the one that is being controlled in your relationship or is it the other way around?

Episode 45: Neediness and Clingy Tend To Repel

Are you finding that you are needy after you get involved in a relationship? Do you tend to cling and have it backfire in your face? The needy/clingy mindset is actually repelling what you want most away in your life. It’s actually better to change your perspective and think about how excited you’ll be to have it instead of being desperate to keep it.

Episode 44: Monkey-barring From Relationship to Relationship

Do you find yourself going from one relationship to another with little to no downtime between romantic affairs? You may have a problem that is bigger than you realize. It’s not just guys that do this, yet it’s problematic no matter who you are.

Episode 43: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome with Alice Moon

For some people in the world, Marijuana is actually doing more harm than good. For all the medical benefits that are being discovered with weed, there are also people who basically are allergic to it now and it is sending people to the emergency room with them not even knowing that partaking in Marijuana is actually causing the pain that makes them throw up uncontrollably.

Episode 42: Emotional Intelligence

We’ve all heard about IQ, but what about EQ? What is emotional intelligence and what does it mean? Is it something that can be learned or improved? Why is it so important in relationships these days? Scott and Anthony break it down the best way they can for you and put it into terms that you can start to apply and improve your relationships today.

Episode 41: Boundaries and how to set them

Boundaries are one of the most important things you can set in your relationships for your life. Too many times we feel like setting boundaries is selfish or not becoming of a good partner, but the opposite is actually the truth. Boundaries are probably the healthiest thing you can have when you’re in a relationship.

Episode 40: Deer in the Headlights – The Me Too Movement

What is acceptable behavior for men these days during the #metoo movement. It’s become very difficult for men to be in the dating scene as they try to tread lightly. Meanwhile women are confused as to why the men they are with aren’t making a move with them when honestly, the men just don’t want to be accused of anything that would make them seem like a sexual predator.

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