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Episode 44: Monkey-barring From Relationship to Relationship

Do you find yourself going from one relationship to another with little to no downtime between romantic affairs? You may have a problem that is bigger than you realize. It’s not just guys that do this, yet it’s problematic no matter who you are.

Episode 43: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome with Alice Moon

For some people in the world, Marijuana is actually doing more harm than good. For all the medical benefits that are being discovered with weed, there are also people who basically are allergic to it now and it is sending people to the emergency room with them not even knowing that partaking in Marijuana is actually causing the pain that makes them throw up uncontrollably.

Episode 42: Emotional Intelligence

We’ve all heard about IQ, but what about EQ? What is emotional intelligence and what does it mean? Is it something that can be learned or improved? Why is it so important in relationships these days? Scott and Anthony break it down the best way they can for you and put it into terms that you can start to apply and improve your relationships today.

Episode 41: Boundaries and how to set them

Boundaries are one of the most important things you can set in your relationships for your life. Too many times we feel like setting boundaries is selfish or not becoming of a good partner, but the opposite is actually the truth. Boundaries are probably the healthiest thing you can have when you’re in a relationship.

Episode 40: Deer in the Headlights – The Me Too Movement

What is acceptable behavior for men these days during the #metoo movement. It’s become very difficult for men to be in the dating scene as they try to tread lightly. Meanwhile women are confused as to why the men they are with aren’t making a move with them when honestly, the men just don’t want to be accused of anything that would make them seem like a sexual predator.

Episode 39: Borderline Personality Disorder

What is BPD? Scott has become somewhat of an expert on this disorder. We discuss what is it, what are the signs of it, and what can be done about it.  We’ve discovered that BPD Women and Nice Guys tend to be drawn to each other like magnets.

Episode 38: The Power of Goal Setting

New Years resolutions don’t often have the teeth necessary to make good things happen. Setting clear, definable goals is a much better solution and gives you the best possibility for success.

Episode 37: It’s A Trap: Why Are We So Attracted to Broken Women?

2019 has come to an end, and this podcast is still moving forward, so that’s a great thing. Thank you for sticking with us and please remember to share this podcast with friends and family so they can spread the word too.

Episode 36: The Dark Energy in Men

As a man, it’s important to admit that you have a dark side to you. We all do. This isn’t a knock on men for having this. What we want to let men know is that, yes, you have Dark Energy within you and once you acknowledge that, you can take ownership of it and utilize it as a way to advance your cause.

Episode 35: Idealized Masculinity

In what ways do men tend to envision what it means to be masculine? As men we seem to have an idealized version of what it means and that isn’t necessarily healthy or accurate, or even something that is possible to them so we tend to feel confused or inadequate.

Episode 34: The Stigma Of Asking For Help

Why do we men think it’s not cool or unmanly to ask for help? Do we really think that this will get us what we want faster? How do the most successful people gain all that success? Well, they certainly didn’t do it all by themselves.

Episode 33: Sexual Assertiveness

How do you escalate with women during the #metoo movement? Are you like a deer in the headlights? Not sure what move to make without getting labeled as a creep? You’ll want to listen in on this one.

Episode 32: Depression

Mental Health is a very real thing. Being depressed is a normal cycle to go through for anyone, but deep depression can lead to self injury. In this episode, we take a look under the hood and see why men are the highest demographic for suicide rates and why that’s increasing.

Episode 31: Stoicism

Is being stoic a good thing or a bad thing? Scott and Anthony get into it about elements of stoicism that can be effective in nearly all situations. The thing is, it has to be applied in the correct way. You can’t be passive aggressive and call it being stoic.

Episode 30: Be True To Yourself and The Mid-Life Crisis

In order to live your best life, you have to dig down and be true to what your values are. Know yourself and that which brings you joy. The second order of that is to trust yourself, trust in your abilities and skills. Often times a mid-life crisis will push is to evaluate what it is we’re doing with our life.

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