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The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: Public Shootings

What is the cause for the increase of public shootings across the country? What are the signs of seeing this coming and how do we treat those boys in ways that might lead them to do something so awful. This week, we discuss the idea that men who can’t cry, shoot bullets. Some shoot bullets at themselves and some shoot bullets at others and touch on people who identify with being an INCEL, or involuntary celibate.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: Sexuality with Nicole Emma

Part 2 of our interview with Nicole Emma, a sex worker, and Tedx Salt Lake City speaker. Nicole shares her expertise and insights into sexuality and the taboos that get associated with sex. We talk further in depth about the things she talks about in her video and how they pertain to men in the world today and how they can get their needs met.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: Argue Naked with Nicole Emma

In this episode, we are graced with the presence of Tedx Salt Lake speaker, Nicole Emma where she gave a talk titled, “What a sex worker can teach us about human connection.”What a sex worker can teach us about human connection.”

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: The F word – Failure

Why is failure so emotionally charged? We discuss the reason we fear it and how to overcome it. There are examples of how failure has lead to success in all kinds of situations and that most successful people have an attitude of looking forward to failure so that they can learn and grow from that. Failure teaches more often than not.

The Orion Way of Life Podcast: The Nice Guy Syndrome

Is being a nice guy a syndrome, is it a curse? Is it something that should be overcome? Scott talks about how he saw the need for more hands-on coaching and instruction about how to not be a Nice Guy through his therapy sessions and through his interaction on his Quora forums.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast “So You Wanna Get Married, Huh?”

Anthony and Scott talk about a booklet that Anthony penned called, “So You Wanna Get Married Huh?” (which you can get on the website btw) and get to the heart of why he felt it necessary to write it. Asking someone to marry you is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your entire life. This podcast talks about the reasons for doing it in the first place and what signs to look for before making that decision.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: The Sexless Marriage

Anthony and Scott get into a discussion about the sexless marriage. It’s becoming more and more common for couples to stop having sex in their relationships. We dive into why this occurs, how to identify the underlying reason for why sex is dropping off in activity in your relationship and what could be done about it.

The Orion Way Of Life: Who Are You?

Identity is an issue that most men have a hard time with based on their own personal wants and needs. Most times we do what we do based on what others expect of us rather than what we truly want for ourselves. In this episode, Anthony and Scott explore how to uncover your identity and what ways you can nurture it to greater expansion of your life and way of being.

The Orion Way Of Life Podcast: Welcome to the Fellowship

An intro episode where we learn a little about the host Anthony LeRoy Lovato and Licensed Therapist Scott Carter and what the Orion Way is all about.

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